Saturday, April 25, 2009

what I'm doing

People often ask me what it is I'm doing. Or why work on a re-imagining of Oz? Well I'm not doing it to get famous or make money, that's for sure.

I'm doing this because it's fun. Really, it's a blast to come up with designs for old beloved characters. Or to really explore the origins of characters that are pretty much blank slates.

I'm not making this a darker Oz because darker is extreme and that's what the kids want these days. I'm not making this for adults only because I want to shock people. That is not what I'm trying to accomplish. The designs and writing are a bit more mature in theme, but that's just how I write and draw. I'm still trying to capture the essence of what Frank Baum first did though. I don't feel like I'm changing the characters souls. I'm just exploring them in a different way then Mr Baum did.

I don't expect to ever get published, or really anything to happen with all of this. But one day I can tell my children my own version of Oz. And hopefully they like it.

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