Monday, April 27, 2009


I often get asked questions about the legality of what I'm doing. Well, rest assured if I were to ever be published or anything like that, I'm safe. The story of Oz is well over a hundred years old. If you must, go look at Gregory Maguire's book "Wicked" and it's sequels.

Now there are some things I can't do. I can't for instance base my designs off anything from the Wizard of Oz movie. I can base off the book, but all those designs from the movie are copyrighted (as is the music).

You'll notice that my design of the Witch of the West is very different from the old Witch from the movie. The Witch in the movie is green for example. Mine is deathly white. My Witch also only has one eye, as that is what Frank Baum wrote. Now of course I go off and do my own thing with the Witch, but that's for a later post when I delve into how close I stay to Baum's book, and how I stray with each character.

Here's a closer look at the Witch though.



  1. MAGNIFICENT! In my opinion though, she sort of resembles the book illustrations of her in Wicked. Also when I look at her, it looks like her hat and cloak are swirling like the tornado, that in your story killed Dorothy in Kansas, and at the end, Dorothy sacrifices herself in OZ to kill the Witch. Was this intentional, or is it just me?

  2. I love how you incorporated the tree roots into the design.